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10 Reasons to Get Involved at NCC
  1. Volunteering makes a big difference. Research consistently shows that kids whose parents are involved in their schools do better - achieve better grades and have fewer disciplinary problems.

  2. It’s fun! Even simple events like bingo night or math game night are a great way to spend time with your family and support your school.

  3. It feels great to participate! Your child spends a lot of time at school, and it’s great to share some of her school-related experiences with her.

  4. You’ll get to know other parents. It’s powerful to create a circle of adult friends around a school, and help foster connections between families in your community.

  5. Volunteering offers tangible ways to be part of things. Joining a parent group will provide concrete ways to get involved, whether at events, in the classroom, or on a committee.

  6. It’s a manageable commitment. Spend an hour at a bingo night or helping with staff appreciation, and your efforts will be appreciated. And remember, it’s always OK to say no when you’re busy.

  7. You can tailor volunteering to play to your strengths. There are many ways to contribute, some of which are sure to complement your strengths, interests, or professional skills.

  8. Your help is always needed. Whether it’s helping run the next big event or providing support in the classroom, there are always ways to pitch in.

  9. Volunteering provides another way to get to know school and support staff to better understand their needs and ideas

  10. Have a great idea? Volunteering gives you opportunities to get your ideas out there. 


The PTA has an urgent need for volunteers! Please see below and contact Rita at to volunteer:


  • Spirit Wear: The PTA needs volunteers to create a spirit wear flyer; collect orders; organize the items upon arrival; drop them off to NCC.

  • Game Night (December): Organize an evening of fun for NCC families to celebrate the end of 2023 with games, snacks and other fun.

  • Cultural Arts Day (January): Organize an in-school celebration of music, art, drama, creative writing, photography and dance through a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

  • Grant Writers: There are a number of grant opportunities available for this year and next year's programs.

Also consider these positions:

  • Back to School Resource Fair: Based on PTA Family Survey responses and input from NCC Staff & Teachers, coordinate, with support of NCC, PTA President and Montgomery County Parent Coordinator, a Resource Fair to be held at the Back to School Picnic. 
  • Democracy Week: In conjunction with the School-wide Project Committee, and in coordination with NCC, students will campaign and go to the polls to vote for their favorite NCC school-wide project to be fundraised and established by the PTA. Students will learn about advocacy, budgets and civic participation. 
  • School-wide Project Committee: Co-Chairs (2). In conjunction with Democracy Week, and in coordination with NCC, establish a plan to implement the NCC students project choice including fundraising. 
  • Language Access: Co-Chairs (2 or more). Coordinate Spanish and Amharic translation of PTA messaging and support PTA Meeting language access through establishing relationships with middle and high school students willing to volunteer for SSL hours in coordination with Silver Creek MS and BCC HS.

Interested in contributing in another way? Just let us know. We're always looking for help and great ideas!  

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