There are two easy ways to stay on top of NCC News. Please sign up for the NCC Listserv (details below) or join our private Facebook group.

NCCnet Listserv

We encourage all NCC parents, teachers, and staff to sign up for NCCnet, the North Chevy Chase Elementary School email network (listserv). The procedures to sign up for NCCnet are designed to limit the email listserv to those associated with the school and to minimize spam.  If you sign up, you will receive all NCCnet correspondence and can send email to the group.

How to join?

  1. Access NCCnet's Yahoo Groups page.
  2. Click on Sign In and enter your Yahoo! username and password.  If you don't have a Yahoo! account, click on Sign In then click on Register to create a free Yahoo! account. 
  3. Choose the email address that you would like NCCnet messages sent to. There is a link where you can add a new email address if you want your messages to go to a different account than your Yahoo! one.
  4. In the "Comment to Owner" box, please include your name, your child's name, and homeroom teacher.  Teachers and staff, please convey your association with the school.
  5. Select whether you want to receive individual emails as they are sent or a daily digest.
  6. Click the blue Join button at the bottom of the page, and your request will be sent to the moderator who must approve all new NCCnet members.  

Questions: If you have any questions or problems signing up, send an email to the NCCnet Moderator, Abby Callaway.

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